Book Week 2022

Book Week 2022

Each year, school across Australia celebrate Book Week, with fun activities, visiting authors and/or a Book Week parade where kids and teachers alike dress up as book characters. 

The theme for 2022 is...

Dreaming With Eyes Open

August 20-26, 2022

Of course, this can lend itself to lots of ideas, in fact, anything you can DREAM UP! 

Some kids will dress as things they dream to become when they grow up, or characters from traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. Other ideas are fantasy books that are based around a dream, such as Alice In Wonderland. Perhaps some may dress up as fairy stories based around sleep such as Rip Van Winkle or Sleeping Beauty. 


With such a treasure trove of costumes , Fancy That can help with ideas, costumes and help to create a memorable Book Week experience. Take the stress out of Book Week by booking early, ensuring your costume is ready to go well in advance.

Why not come in during the July school holidays? Perfect time to organise your costume for the following term. 

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