• Kate

    "I didn't have enough Barbie dolls as a kid, so now I spend my days playing dress-ups with real people instead" - Kate, the boss of bossiness but in a bubbly way, who is as content creating cool costumes on her sewing machine as she is kitting customers out in fun finery

  • Roger

    Well on his way to becoming a Wizard (note the beardiness), this dude is the #1 fixer, the maker, the data-er and as handy with a camera as he is with a lightsaber, being the resident Star Wars officianado

  • Nicky

    "I like to be subtle" - Nicky, the most colourful (in both personality and language) person in existance, who is as subtle as a jackhammer on a tin roof - and proud of it

  • Grace

    Daaahhhling, this fabulous femme grew up in all things costume and knows her stuff! Cosplay, Disney, Drag and all things geekery keep this chicky cheery