Want to learn a new skill? LOOK OUT!

Want to learn a new skill? LOOK OUT!

BEWARE! Face painting is an addictive artform. Once you paint a little tacker and experience their joy when they first see their face, it's glorious! You'll want to do it again and again. And of course the more you do it, the better you get at it and the happier they are. Vicious cycle? Nah! It's an awesome one. And it all begins with getting the right advice, products and basic skills, all of which are available at Fancy That.

You'll start out with "just a few basic colours" but of course this leads into a few more and then before you know it, you'll need one of our hard cases to store them. Then you will discover the amazingness that is glitter! Everything will be sparkly. But will you stop there? NEVER! Soon you will need to get a couple of extra brushes for different designs, and we haven't even started on the blends (one-strokes and split cakes)! These awesome rainbow cakes come in over 50 types and we are bringing out even more, including ones that are EXCLUSIVE to Fancy That. 

Now that you've dabbled you'll want to know the rights/wrongs, the tips/tricks and all the various ways you can apply paint to skin. You're in luck! We have Beginner Face Painting workshops on offer, specially designed for people on their way to full blown addiction...  err...  interested in all things face painty! So come hang out and learn a bunch of stuff. 

So yes. We are enablers. And yes, face painting is addictive. But who are we to judge when it brings joy, creativity and sparkles to a dull world? Paint on, dear friends, paint on!

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