Work with what you've got

Work with what you've got

Sometimes when considering what you'd like to dress up as, you might want to go with your total opposite. I mean, if you're more like a pretty princess in real life you might want something edgy or villainous. Throwing on a wig that's totally different from your current style can be super fun.

Sometimes, it's just as awesome to work with all that nature provided you! Here's some examples:

Long Dark Curly Hair? - consider one of these...

Mother Gothel and Bellatrix LeStrange

Shoulder-length Dark Straight Hair? - how about one of these...

Severus Snape and Vincent Vega

Long Grey/White Hair and a Beard? - you KNOW you're able to do justice one of these wizards!

Dumbledore and Gandalf

That being said, we offer wigs for each of these characters mentioned above so if you are keen but don't have the look, we can hook you up!

There is no limit to your choices at Fancy That

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